About Us

Uniform Brokers Limited commenced operations in 1985 as a business uniform specialist. The company is now a regional and national supplier sourcing from over 70 importers and manufacturers selected on the basis of product specialty and performance. This enables Uniform Brokers to supply uniforms and accessories for men and women of all sizes in all occupations from head to toe, including business, schools, health industry, hospitality, workwear, maritime, and many others.

The company strategy has always been to concentrate on customer service without the distraction of attempting to manufacture part of its range. This has given maximum flexibility in sourcing customer requirements, with the emphasis on providing value for money by taking both quality and cost into consideration.

The other major factors which the company takes into consideration when selecting suppliers are styling and delivery. In the demanding environment in which businesses operate, presentation and on-time performance are crucial to customer satisfaction.  Design flair, reliability of delivery commitments and consistent product quality are therefore as important to Uniform Brokers Limited as they are to customers.

To ensure that customers get optimum performance from their uniforms, it is also standard company practice to analyse customer job requirements wherever possible before making recommendations. This is particularly important in respect of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which imposes obligations on employers in terms of using appropriate fibre blends. This also has benefits in terms of garment life and employee satisfaction.


In the hyper-competitive New Zealand economy, the company runs as lean as possible without compromising customer service. This has necessitated ongoing systems reviews and sophisticated computer software. The company has full e-commerce capability on this web site which receives favourable customer comment.

The company was founded by John and Jacqui Newick. John returned to the apparel industry after 25 years in very large companies including Woolworths (chain store management), Millers Ltd (fabric and garment manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution), IBM NZ (administration management), and Countrywide Bank (property and procurement management). Jacqui is a trained nurse which was valuable in developing the large healthcare area of the business. John and Jacqui have been involved in multiple community leadership roles over many years of marriage, and this continues. In 1994 Uniform Brokers Limited acquired the business of Keith & Black, which was established in 1939 and is unique in NZ. This business is the only specialist supplier of uniforms to the Merchant Navy in NZ and is a brand known to ship’s officers throughout the country. The Keith & Black brand continues to this day and the range is now used by port companies, the tourism industry, cruise ships and super yachts.

In 2002 Uniform Brokers Limited also purchased the business of Corporate Trends Limited. Corporate Trends operates in a similar industry sector to Uniform Brokers and the two businesses are complementary and synergistic. The Uniform Brokers companies continue to have a top-down commitment to social and environmental responsibility and actively pursue these goals at every level.

In 2022 the business was purchased by V. Arul and Janaki. Arul has been working between Brunei Darussalam and New Zealand for the past 34 years. In Brunei he was a managing director & CEO of a construction company delivering major infrastructure and building projects including water supply, sewerage, drainage, housing, agriculture, etc. In New Zealand he is actively involved in property development, management and maintenance works. Janaki is a secondary school science teacher by profession and has responsibility for the company’s administration, accounts and operations.

John and Jacqui Newick continue providing all the assistance ang guidance to Arul and Janaki on the successful management and operations of Uniform Brokers Limited.


The Uniform Brokers companies are located at Office 23 – Level 1, 357 Great North Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612. The companies have a showroom at the same location which is open from 10.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Fridays. Our phone numbers are 09 836 4300 / 021 836 413. Telephone and e-mail orders can be processed by payment to our bank account number: 38 9023 0864654 00.